Comparison of membrane sand casting and water glass melting mold casting process


With the continuous rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials and labor force and the price of low -level melting mold casting products year by year, the profit margin of the low -precision water glass melting mold casting products has been showing a downward trend. Most of the molten mold casting plants with water glass process are facing the problem of product upgrades and process transformation. It is necessary to find a low -cost, convenient and practical casting process to replace the water glass melting mold casting process. The size accuracy of the coating sand casting casting is CT7 ~ CT8, and the surface roughness RA value is 6.3 to 12.5 m. The formation of the forming sand of the membrane can reach the level of water glass melting mold casting process. It is an ideal method of alternative water glass melting mold casting. Compared with the water glass melting mold casting process, the sedimentation sand thermal core box has the following advantages.

1 Low cost (1) Disposable investment Disposal sand thermal core box process (core) disposable one -time investment is a hot core box shape (core) machine and mold. The price of each unit (core) machine is 1.5 ~ 3. O97 is ranging, each set of molds is 0.6 to 100,000 yuan. The fusion mold casting type has a large investment in one -time investment, including molds, wax pressing machines, wax furnaces, wax chip machines, wax stirring machines, rainy sand sprinkler, boiling sand sprinkler, dewaxing pond, baking furnace, etc. Essence (2) The production cost of low membrane sand craftsmanship is only golf sand and de -molding agent. Diesel, etc., there are many types of materials and high costs. There is only one shape (core) machine consumed by the sedimental sand craftsmanship, while the melting mold casting and building consumption equipment consumes a lot, and the total energy consumption is large. 2 The shell -making link is small and high efficiency.